hitRECord is an open collaborative production company under the direction of actor, writer/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Comprised of hundreds of thousands of collaborators worldwide, artists of all levels of experience work together through hitRECord's site to turn individuals' works, ideas, or even just fragmentary sparks, into grand creations worthy of a vast audience. Productions are both self-directed by the community and by the central team led directly by Joe.  All disciplines are represented, including text, drawing, music, animation, painting, photography, filmmaking, and animation.  Monetized projects (TV shows, album/EP sales, book sales, clothing sales) earn contributors income for their work.

I have been privileged to be hitRECord's Music Director since its inception as a production company.  More specifically, I've been honored to serve as Executive Music Producer for the 2 seasons (to date) of our variety TV show produced in partnership with Participant Media.  Here are links to pieces whose music I either composed or produced for hitRECord;  Both for the TV show, and for other projects.

still-here 1215 360

Still Here: A melancholy rumination on abandonment and loss, and the quiet confidence one sometimes discovers despite it.  From hitRECord On TV Season 1. I wrote the music, the hitRECord community musicians executed it, interpereting it further themselves along the way.

YNTOO FC 110113 ForJeff

You're Not The Only One:  A piece of sweet, pure pop (?…If I dare give it a name…?) written by a few different people on a few different corners of the earth, coming together with hundreds more who added layers of parts on top of the basic band tracks from the shoot.  From hitRECord On TV Season 1.  I led the production of the record.  In part, it's a song about how we're all always part of a bigger picture, whether we recognize it or not.  Song begins at 17:15 into the episode.

LG "In-Between Moments" :30 TV Ad:  I co-wrote this piece of music with Joe; But really, by the time the hitRECord community were finished with it, my contribution served only as the skeleton; The essence comes from the colors we all hung on it together.  This ad aired internationally during the fall of 2015.

Of The Future:  A consideration of our collective future;  It's ambiguous…As it should be. Written by hitRECord artist spaceship, and produced by me in conjunction with him, weaving together the inspired ideas of a worldwide ensemble of musicians.  From hitRECord On TV season 2.

Nebulullaby:  Produced over the course of a handful of days in 2010 high in the mountains of Utah at the Sundance film festival…And in California…And New York…And France…And elsewhere;  The song was written by Sean Lennon and Charlotte Muhl, and brought to life by the online community.