Songs For The Short-Of-Attention

The bulk of my time is spent working under very rigid guidelines:  Absolute timings, and lots of pre-ordained textures and palettes. I kinda thrive on it; The notion that "The music has fit THIS way, so figure out a way to make it work with what you've got".

As the rest of my musical life seems to dictate that songwriting be a part-time pursuit, it’s hard to imagine an audience for whom I’d carefully craft a set of songs to then record and release under one banner.  But I DO love to write songs, and I'm thrilled when my work in TV gives me the opportunity to do so.

So, I put two and two together, and came up with this project a while back, just to keep sharp;  By imposing two simple rules that I think will give me just the motivation I need to write, I embarked on a series of songs that I hope at least someone might get a kick out of(?) 

The rules are:

-Must have lyrics


-Must end within 1 minute of beginning.

Friends and Strangers

This one's about forgiveness. And complacency. It's also just a dumb little song, so get over it, already!


No doubt, this stuff has capped off many nights of drinking in my fair city. And yes…I'm The World's Shittiest Drummer.

Courtesy #8

Funny, but I think this is kinda another ode to L.A. Sadly though, I think you all know where I'm coming from, just the same : /


I'm not that bitter, really. But can you blame a guy for getting a little batshit around that time of year?

Here, Now

Damn, I hope this one didn't turn out too precious.